Outer Midsts: The Universe, Gazing Back

This began as a thought streaming process towards an outline which is still in progress…

Before I Go Crazy

Disclaimer: Before I go crazy, I’m documenting my last semi-rational streams of thought. Intertwined juxtapositions, esoteric ramblings, symbiotic idiosyncrasies, they’re all right here. I’m slowly feeling my mental capacity diminish, and my purpose to make change in myself in a world that is moving away from human involvement a necessity. And I accept this as my fate. I am but an asterisk in the celestial time-frame. A footnote to what has been, and will always be.

I’ve gazed far and long into the Universe. Now the Universe is gazing back. I hope I’m as fascinating to it as it has been to me.

Red Shift Patterns

Sometimes I hit on an ethos; a motto; a slogan; a parody, all of which have never been conceptualized, uttered, or acknowledged. Sometimes I regurgitate well-regarded ideas with my own DNA imprinted upon it. Sometimes. And sometimes, I amuse myself with obscure reasoning and dark humor that makes absolutely sense to nobody but myself. Or does it? I’m not sure it even matters. I just can’t keep it bottled up.

My life has been a distinct pattern of ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. Yins and yans. Good and bad. Good and evil. Abbot and Costello. Phases.

Astronomers can detect whether celestial bodies are moving towards, or away from us, by using a system called Shift Phasing. Shift Phasing is related to the Doppler Effect. The most common Doppler example is the sound a person hears as an emergency vehicle moves closer, then farther away from the listener. As the vehicle approaches, the sound seems to increase in pitch to higher frequencies, then reverses tone as it moves away.

Shift Phasing is the same concept only using light waves. If a celestial body is moving towards us (or we are moving in the same direction at a greater magnitude of velocity than it is), the light waves emitted from that body are in the blue end, or higher frequency of the light spectrum. Red Shift Phasing indicates celestial bodies increasing in distance from each other as light waves are at the red (lower frequency) end of the light spectrum. Red Shift patterns alone are the hypothesis of an expanding Universe.

Although my mind continues to expand for what I consider the better, I also sense my grasp on reality-what is real and what is imagined-fading in Red Shift patterns. And it seems the tighter I squeeze, there more it slips away.

This Is The Outer Midsts: My Doppler Effect

Until the inevitable happens, I intend on searching my own vastness for that highest pitch. To reel in that mythical keeper. To corral the Maverick. To make sense out of nothing. And I hope this translates across culture and industry.

The term Outer Midsts is just a simple idiom to describe I how seem to get something from nothing, being torn apart, yet still whole. Wandering without being or feeling lost. Taking raw data, or seemingly useless information, compartmentalizing it, and packaging it, for you, to follow. Reaching beyond what seems impossible, and making it the very center of my being. The “Outer Midsts” is my personal writing style. My “brand.”

My “Vertical Lineage,” therefore, is my professional brand of Design, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Strategic Marketing, and Creative Management, all inherently derived from Outer Midsts.

Blue Shift Patterns

So much of life is linear. Even the term lineage-a family line-implies linearity. One track. One way in or out. No backup plan. No options. Very few experience much outside themselves or their communities.

Although the business term vertical typically refers to “vertical markets“-involved in specific, “linear” activities-Vertical Lineage is just another idiom which puts the linear, or vertical, nature of life under the microscope in search of “horizontal” potential for all; governments, corporations, businesses, communities, families, and individuals.

It’s really a double idiom. Where vertical is regarded as linear, and horizontal escapes vertical, I am suggesting vertical is both linear, AND escapes the linear, and lineage-implied linearly-is the resulting “horizontal” fruits of labor.

A horizontal market suggests growing outwards while growing upwards. Vertical Lineage is the idiom that suggests the transcendence of astral planes as humanity moves forward on a linear-horizontal plane.

Vertical Lineage, therefore, is my ethos, my “brand” of searching the vastness of humanity and looking upwards for that blue light in the darkness, and leaving it for generations to follow. My “Blue Phase Shift.”